Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chucky Cheese pretty please

we have spent our last few weeks gallivanting around town redeeming our few last days of solitude before school lets out. cashing in on the virtual emptiness of childrens play areas during what i call the 'golden hours'. (the time of day most kids are in school).
mondays mood brought us to chucky cheese. another first for denver.
we had some old tokens left over from years ago. to my surprise they still worked. 
within minutes i found myself abandoned at the table. nev and denver took off in high pursuit. pockets full of bounty.

there seems to be a  unmistakable magnetic force between denver and trains. in all the games and rides throughout the whole place, he chose to spend most of his time at the train table. but that dont surprise me.

pretty soon i heard the death cry. i spied denver coming toward me at 100mph with a look of terror i cant say that ive ever seen before.  it was chucky. on the loose. in house.
evidently he roams the area every hour on the 30.
i didnt realize my guy was so terrified of overgrown stuffed.. animals?
but i guess that explains why we dont have easter bunny pics from this year. its all adding up.
he got over it though. luckily chucky dont lurk for long and bum was right back at it again in no time flat. out of sight, out of mind. whew.

despite the small mishap it ended up being a pretty joyful visit. and we even still left with a cup of tokens to use once school starts up again. as for summer vacation, i wish i could crawl under my covers and hibernate and skip the whole thing. im still looking for that perfect place where its fall all year round. so far, no such luck. maybe someday though.
 as for now, i just live for those 'golden hours'. during those 'golden months'. with my 'golden children'.

"To parents I say, above all else, don't let your home become some terrible miniature copy of the school. No lesson plans! No quizzes! No tests! No report cards! Even leaving your kids alone would be better; at least they could figure out some things on their own. Live together, as well as you can; enjoy life together, as much as you can." ~John Holt

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