Friday, May 6, 2011

Brownie points

Nev and Denver decided to whip up some tasty brownies on Tuesday to satisfy their "trent tooth".  i let Nev go at it on her own just to see what would happen.

sometimes the best way to learn something is to teach someone else how to do it, and she had a more than willing little student eager to learn, and taste.

i was surprised at how good everything turned out considering Nev has never done this by herself before. (she never wanted to). but it's amazing what you can do when you have the desire to do something, instead of being expected to, or knowing there are expectations. it feels good to have the freedom to experiement with something new on your own, how you want to, and not worry about the outcome. with this being said, her brownies turned out good. not great or perfect, just good. nothing a few more batches can't fix. each time will get better. and better. and maybe someday she might have the desire to start making dinner. Nev, if your reading this, i really love shake and bake chicken, baked potatos and brussel sprouts with butter and pepper:)  love ya, mean it. xoxo

Denver seen us rummaging through the apron's and wanted one of his own to wear. 5 minutes before these pics we're taken, he was running around in his birthday suit, his usual around the house attire.  
I'm the first to admit that Nev does a lot better than me in the kitchen. just yesterday i was trying a new awesome bean soup recipe in which you bake the beans instead of soaking them overnight. in light if the fact that i almost burned the house down (for the second time) I'd say they didn't turn out too shabby for my first try! Win! (at least this time we didnt have to call the fire department and alarm all the neighbors, thank goodness no one seen the smoke bellowing out our windows), i was able to maintain it, and gain control. yes! besides the fact that we all were choking on smoke and bearing burnt eyeballs that caused us to not be able to see where we were going for a bit, we were mostly ok.
hey wait a minute. as a matter of fact our smoke alarms didnt respond. ummm, i prolly better go check those things. that might be a good idea.
happy tuesday friends.

"I am learning all the time, the tombstone will be my diploma". ~Eartha Kitt

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