Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bust my Buffers!

Denver's Thomas the Tank obsession is off the charts these days. he's gone as far as getting Percy tattooed on his arm!  nothing can deter this guy, he knows no fear. he's gone mad!

Sis couldn't let him do it alone, she got one herself to show her dedication and support.
nothing can break this bond! 
don't mess with these two, they are unstoppable. true life dare-devils!
tough as nails.

he even wore his tank top sleevless shirt (per Nev) today to make sure he was able to sport his new tattoo after all the hard work.
now and then he would look under his jacket sleeve makin sure it didn't disappear.
after lunch he had his jacket off before even stepping past the threshold of the door, and sprinted straight to the mirror to check it out some more. flexin his muscles, turning side to side to get a good look at every possible angel.

bleak, dreary monday mornings are good for tattooing little people and having pizza for breakfast, just cause.
 i so love mondays.
i know this Thomas the Train phase soon shall pass, and will one day be a distant memory. all i can do is soak it all in as much as i can while its here, take plenty of pictures, play with him and supply him with the tools needed to feed his imagination.  and maybe one day he will be tattooing his body with real ink, coloring his hair, and piercing his eyelids.
and maybe, i might just be okay with that. because he will always be beautiful. inside and out.
and in my opinion, as long as he is brought up with the utmost love, patience and  affection, it will be okay.
they are going to be okay.

*give a child the oppurtunity to learn by freedom, and he will teach himself to fly. ~ Erica Trent

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