Sunday, May 8, 2011

mothers day special

i have been a horrible mother.
i am the mother of a little boy who is facinated by trains and i never even knew this train utopia existed until recently. how could i be so featherbrained. my poor little guy has suffered all this time because of my ignorance.
 i knew i had to make it right. i had to get my little guy there asap. i have already wasted too much time.
this morning across their fb page they announced that moms get free admission on mothers day! win!
 alllllllllll aboard!
(giddy laughter).

this is the same little guy who eats, sleeps, and dreams of trains daily. he knows every Thomas train and their numbers. can sing the songs word for word and rarely leaves his train table unless he is watching Thomas on tv. he is a boy with a one track mind (excuse the pun).

he has found his utopia.

a place where he knows no foreign land

a bum in his element

"peep peep"

we were in seventh heaven, gung ho, and eager to close the place down.
 until... disaster struck. it all happened during bathroom break where we were ambushed by the automatic flush toilets. the fact that nev dropped her phone in one toilet right before it flushed was a minor mishap compared to the 10 minutes i spent kneeling down trying to convince denver that the other toilet will not suck him in and gobble him up when he uses it. (due to his extreme fear of automatic flush). he wasnt buying. he was melting.
i am sure from the outside, the bathroom must have sounded like a torture chamber for the 20 minutes we were inside, and i can only imagine what people were thinking.
 but i was spent. done. in just under 2 hours i was headed toward the exit towing 2 kids in a frenzy. fail.
but its ok. its ok because thats not what mothers day is about. its about being with your kids, listening to them, holding them, kissing them, and loving them even though one flushed their cell phone down the toilet. its cuddleing in so close to them that you can hear the soft beat of their heart as your pressed againt their chest but still it don't seem close enough.
its stroking their cheeks and whispering in their ear how much they mean to you even though they are not listening. watching them sleep and breathe while tears stream down your face because you love them so much that it hurts. it must be mothers day an awful lot around here. im going to go cuddle up with my babies now. every one of them.

xoxo Happy Mother Day xoxo

~Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.  ~Charles R. Swindoll

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