Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fun Nite Art, Dolphin in the Sea

A few weeks ago I enrolled London in a art class, where the kids learn to paint a dolphin in the sea. I know she is still a little young for such things, but it was her first experience with something of just hers. You can imagine her excitement when we later discovered her bestie Kitana was also enrolled. They stuck together like glue and had a sweet time with paints and Panara Bread yummies.
Bonnie and Devin took off in the van, and the rest of us loitered around for 2 hours, taking our turns at peeping in as we impatiently bobbed around the door to catch a glimpse of her masterpiece, and trying to blend in as much as we could as to not get asked to leave the room for the second time. ha
My little artist had more fun just being by Kitana's side than painting, and wasn't too pleased with her final piece. I think its beautiful just as a mother would. No matter what though, her artistic tank was nourished and her wall in her room is a bit more arty.

Much thanks to Panara Bread and Fun Nite Art for helping these little artists along...