Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy birthday Sam!

Nev Haley Photography

August is off to a good start...
 this morning my little guy pumped my gas then took me to breakfast, just us! he held my hand and told me how much he misses me when i'm at work over blueberry waffles and orange juice....

london is talking more in sentences and singing the cutest little songs, and
nev will be competing in a judo tournament next weekend in toledo! 

yesterday we made it up to idle hour ranch to wish sam the giraffe a happy eleventh, 
it's hard to believe, but giraffe's can live to be up to 28yrs old!
we all had a great time, but boy was it HOT
Happy Birthday to you sam.. you live in a ZOO. bahahaha

I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.
~John Burroughs