Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1 Month baby dreads

today is my 1 month dread anniversary. 
 some are twisting and looping up more than others and some are losening up right on schedule.
this stage in the process they are misbehaving and doing their own thing which makes me love them even more. I still have not used any chemicals, I just mix sea salt water and tee tree oil and spray on randomly. 
the drying process is what helps them lock and the tee tree oil keeps them fresh.
once in a while i use a bit of jojoba oil to help tame the fly aways. everything used is 100%  natural and organic. there are no longer 31 dreads, a few have split and and a few others had babies!

thanks Nev for the upddated pictures and helping me document this amazing journey.
can't wait to see what they look like in a year from now..!.

Monday, May 6, 2013

I up and did it.

ever since i can remember i have always been fascinated by dreadlocks. something about that look of knots and naps and twists and loopy loops makes my heart skip a beat. 
to me they are an expression of strength, a spiritual understanding of sorts. 
I began this new journey april 21st, five days after i turned 37
 finally realizing i have waited way too long to be comfortable in my own hair. so, i up and did it.
i will let my hair grow free, tangle and flow as it will, in its natural design free of chemicals.

every day i am 'waking up' more and more. seeing the truth, and becoming who i am meant to be.
i was 31 when i realized who i really was. (so yes, i guess in essence i am 6yrs old) it was also the year i had my son which changed the course of my life forever and ever. i never thought i had it in me to love a baby boy, but when i had that little guy, the love in my heart was beyond measure, it was when i realized there was way more to life than what we know or can ever understand.
 it opened up a plethora of doors i never even knew existed in which shifted my universe and
 shook me awake with a vengeance. 

after several days of twisting and ripping and knotting my hair i finally felt complete, and as i counted the locks, i loved and appreciated every one. each one representing a new journey of its own. 
a representation of new life and freedom and individuality. 
i counted 31 dreads.
 funny how the universe speaks to us in so many ways.
my dreads are two weeks old now. frizzy and all kinds of funny but i love them anyways. 
they're me. 

so hello, im erica. and 31 is my numba.

The hair is the richest ornament of women.  ~Martin Luther