Sunday, May 1, 2011

Popcorn 101

 i started an "interesting fact" war with Nev on facebook where i listed a few cool facts about popcorn in which inspired us to dig out the ol' popcorn popper and glutton ourselves in the heavenly realm of butter, flavored salts and popcorn popping. it's been a long time.  
Denver has never tried popcorn before but must have figured it was going to be something yummy because every so often through out the evening he made a point to tug on my leg saying "it's popcorn night, isn't it mama?" sometimes it's the little things that seem to excite us so much around here.  
i dug out the popper, washed it off, and gathered up all the ingredients needed, with Denver right on my tail. we put in the oil and the corn, and plugged it in.

they eagerly waited and finally the first kernel popped..   

here are a few interesting facts about popcorn you may not have known...

*Every kernel of popcorn contains a tiny amount of water. when a kernel is heated, this water turns to steam. The pressure grows until...pop! the kernel explodes with a rush of steam. The kernel turns inside out and the inside expands like white foam.
*Popcorn is scientifically known as Zea mays everta.
*Popcorn that do not pop are called "old maids, or "spinsters".
*When popped, popcorn comes in two basic shapes. Snowflake and mushroom.
*A cup of air-popped popcorn would have 31 calories and a cup of oil-popped only 55 per cup. 

i love the smell of popcorn, possibly even more than i love the taste. it reminds me of back when i used to work at a movie theatre in my teen years. funny how our minds can store smells and remind of us certain times of our life, even if it was decades ago.
maybe the kids are making some"popcorn smell" memories of their own.
here's to popping 'Zea mays everta' on saturday evenings in the Trent homestead.
 how about a different flavor seasoning each week, and throwing in some herbs and spices like the Native Americans did:)~

it turned out amazing. and at the same time Denver was enlightened by the art of popcorn popping, tasting and throwing. i forgot how good popcorn tasted, and am glad we have been reunited.
after the crunching and munching finally ceased, i attempted to put the bowl up on the counter in hopes denver had had enough and go get distracted in doing other things.
a little later i heard some ruffel-duffel in the kitchen, went and looked in, and found this..

Aha! caught red handed.!
i think denver has found a new love.
 i think we all have.


~we are not popping popcorn to teach math, we are popping popcorn because it tastes good~.

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