Thursday, May 5, 2011

the sun is shining!

finally we can put up the umbrellas for a while and enjoy the sunshine.
we met up with a home school group today in yellow springs. the kids made terrariums.
denvers turned out slightly dilapidated due to the closeness of the play yard which i reckon made it mighty hard for him to concentrate. 

it was a nice day for it though, and nev met up with some pretty cool girls her age who she got to run around in the woods with and got all muddy and scratched up.
but thats how ya know they are havin fun.
as for me and london, we just sat and watched all the kids run mad.

and would it have been couth of me to pass right by the dairy farm for a hot meal and fresh made ice cream, and not stop? nope.

i must admit their pulled pork sandwich is to die for and a fizzie cold soda has never tasted better.

i love spending our days lolly gagging. no real agenda or design. just letting the heart guide the way and see where we end up.
i believe letting children lead the way, and listening to their hearts,  always pays off.
this generous portion of sunshine was greatly taken advantage of today and might even get us through the next few days of rain without much gripe.

~ and when they ask why the kids aren't in school today, we'll tell them it's cause the sun is shinin!
~Paige H.

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