Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dear Denver

dear denver.
there are so many things i have to thank you for. thank you for showing me the beauty in so many things.
thank you for getting my butt out of the house and into nature where we make our endless discoveries.

thank you for continually making me laugh in everything you do and say.
 you are so good for my soul.
thank you for showing me that little boys are magical, remedial and gentle.
you speak for so many. you have changed my perspective for the better.
and by that you have made me a better person.

thank you for showing me the beauty in trains. your passion has opened up new doors and enlightened my world just a little more. you have taught me so much, especially how to spot a train from miles away.
i will forever appreciate them for the joy they have brought into your life. my life.

thank you for being the best little brother and big brother all at the same time.
you love these girls with all your heart and it shows.
you have the most gentle tone and touch when holding and playing with london and look up to nev like she is your hero. because she is.

thank you for your unconditional love.
you tender touch and unlimited kisses and hugs.
thank you for loving me and telling me.
 thank you for your trust in me.i know i can trust you too.
thank you for your respect and understanding and for knowing what i need right when i need it.
today out of the blue, you told me 'mom, im so glad your here'.
and im so glad your here too.
that kind of love is for real. like no other, and its all i need. better than gold or riches.... by far.
thank you for loving me even when im grumpy, or ugly. you see through me, straight into my soul.

 thank you for always being in your true colors, for showing me what little boys are all about.
thank you for cuddeling up and watching A Haunting with me for the zillionth time.
and for being the only one in the family who will eat my cooking, other than me.
thank you for today and thank you for tomorrow.

you are perfect proof that God does not give us what we want, but what we need.
we need you baby boy. i need you.
the whole wide world needs you.

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