Saturday, June 4, 2011

linens & things

im under attack! by a yucky ol head cold and its got me down for the count.
 i cant think of anything to better serve it than slipping into a bed made with fresh linens, full and fluffy, directly after a hot shower. 
a cup of lemongrass tea squirted with lemon, olive oil & rosemary crackers, chicken noodle soup and last but not least, three mexican jumping beans to be the first to tatter up my sleeping corders.

bare toasty legs and cool crisp covers make a great pair in my book. 
im in the 'kick up the air, and hide from the cold' kind of a mood.
 or maybe im just running a fever.
i guess it is my turn to be sick.
 oh, rasberries.

all this topped with an episode of A sure ill be feeling better by tomorrow.

p.s. dont let the bedbugs bite.

~if you want your kids to jump in bed with you, apply fresh linens and make the bed.~
~Erica Trent~

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