Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pinch me please

i can tell its fall around here when a cup of hot mocha is the first thing on my mind as i climb out of bed in the morning.
 when the sweet aroma of pumpkin spice candles fills the house, and chili is simmering in the crock pot well before noon. 
its the kind of morning where you cant decide whether to open the windows and doors to enjoy the fresh air,
or keep the house closed up, turn on the heat and curl up in a snuggie. 
 i went with the first one.
crisp, chilly autumn air is no doubt my number one weakness.
i think ill tuck myself away in the dark tonight and freak myself out over some haunting episodes and a warm bowl of chili.
now why cant every day be just this good?

only 26 days of october left...
 then its another 11 months of trying to breathe again.

It was one of those perfect English autumnal days which occur more frequently in memory than in life.  ~P.D. James

If My Soul We're A Season
By: Erica Trent

Alas! Once again I come alive
to breathe the chill in the air
and admire the miracle of Orange, Red, Green & yellow
swirling amongst me, as if summoning me
like a ghost within arms reach
I wake to the crackles beneath my feet, as I walk
for my soul has been in a slumber
I accept the riches of the golden sky
dripping mounds of patchwork leaves
splashing us with laughter
as I soak in the breeze
nature's masterpiece in brilliant bold
creating a magical tapestry of autumn madness
branded in my memory
but soon Autumn will fade away
as I fall into a slumber once more
like a withered crop
I descend from my mountaintop
as if reaching life's final stage
beyond the iron gate
my Jack O' Lantern will blaze
for this will be farewell
till the chill in the air returns
and I can breathe once more
next Autumn's eve..

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