Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vintage Find

me and nev went to goodwill today and found this goblin looking porcelin doll lady.
we figure anything this ugly is bound to be haunted.
her name is rose, and nev insisted we buy her.
she showed us three times before checking out that she can magically manifest herself
in different areas of the cart without us realizing it.
can you say c.r.e.e.p.y?

so far she has stayed in her designated areas since we have been home, (thank goodness)..
but i swear when i stare at her from a distance, it looks like she's breathing.
i'll keep her for a while just to see if anything happens.
(insert twighlight zone theme song here).

regardless, nev has agreed to keep her in her room. we'll see if that holds true.
after a few weeks, ill pass her to a friend who dares to test her as well.
anyone brave enough?
although, please note:
i cannot be held responsible for activity that may or may not occur once in your possession.
borrow at your own risk.

P.S. Another Realm Lives.

**UPDATE: Grandma Rose has been evicted!  I let a friend borrow her and she has been officially evicted from their residence as well.  She has been passed yet again to another friend, and waiting to hear any updates.
i have no desire to ever have her back in my possession. (excuse the pun).

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