Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tedious Trip to the Zoo

it's been over a year since Denver started asking to go to the zoo.
finally today we up and went.
forgetting our credit card, money, I.D. and the ever so needed stroller.
sometimes i just wanna poke my eyeballs out.
but we made the best of it with the little we had, and cut our trip a tad bit short due to aching arms and rumbling stomachs. 
needless to say, it feels good to be back at our good old hacienda.
 i think we'll stick closer to home from now on though:)

(Nev 2 months into dreadlocks)..pure beauty.

Brian has less than two weeks left before school starts back up and he gets back to teaching.
that means our 'unjobbing' summer is close to end.
the zoo was the last thing on our summer checklist and now were set on cruise control.
scoot on over summer, and let Fall in already.

“We learn because we want to learn, because it’s important to us, because it’s natural, and because it’s impossible to live in the world and not learn. Then along comes school to mess up a beautiful thing.” ~ Peggy Pirro

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