Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ghostie town

i am fascinated by the fact we have a ghost town within a few miles of our home.
we tossed our bikes in the car yesterday and made way to the biketrail.
its just a small little area off the bike trail that was flooded out in the early 1900's and now there is nothing much leftover. there are a few signs to mark the old depot and covered bridge locations, but other than that not much to look at.
  i like to just dillydally along the dried up streambed looking for any remnants that may be left over from the townspeople, and imagine what it may have been like back then. I can visualize the horse and buggies clopping by, and children frolicing around in the the creek, laughing and playing. 
i believe their energy is still in the air there.
this time i found a perfect seashell to carry in my pocket for good luck, and there were charming little red leaves in the shape of hearts scattered about, as if to mark our path in a weird kinda way.
i guess i'll take that as a good sign.

i bet we looked funny once we stepped off our bikes,
bending over, grabbing our legs trying to regain the feeling.
even we had to laugh about it.
and tadmor is only 1.3 miles each way..(blank stare).
i think i need to ride my bike more often:)

“Life Is A Canvas, Sketch Your Reality On It.”

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