Memoirs of Amity

My story:

Someday i hope to publish a book called Memoirs of Amity, about all my paranormal experiences and beliefs. On and off i have worked on it but with three kids and homeschooling, its rare i get the time to sit and write, and even if i do, i chose to spend it otherwise on my kids. but i have added it to my 'bucket list', and i will keep it my vision and someday it will happen.
As for now i will tell briefly a little about what i have experienced. i will not be able to fit it all here, but these are the things i will write about in my book someday.

We moved from the city to an old farm house in the summer of 1986. I was 10 years old. I was with my parents when we discovered the old vacant house, but little did i know, we were about to begin a journey into Another Realm that now has lasted more than 25 years.
The house was built in 1876 and is one of the last few houses left still standing from what was once called the Village of Amity.
I am still trying to research and find out what was on the land before the house was built, with no luck yet. When me and my friend went to look up records we found that the deed reads "Amityville".
 (Go figure).

I do not remember when the paranormal phenomena began, but i remember having an unexplainable connection to the house and barn. I was forever searching for hidden secrets, and I still do to this day.
I met a friend at school that year, we became best friends and the next summer is stuck in my memory forever. She spent basically the whole summer with me at my house. We would always sleep in the living room (with many windows) scared out of our wits. We would swear we could hear voices, see shadows, and have things moved around. I remember getting yelled at for pulling all the curtains down to block the windows because we could swear something was outside of them looking in at us.
One night in the winter we were so determined something was outside the window on the East wall of the living room and the next morning we went outside to that window and discovered one single HUGE footprint directly below the window. I was so scared and I showed my dad but he couldn't explain it either, although he refuses to believe in the paranormal. That same morning we found our mail from the mailbox in the backyard behind the barn.

My sister-n-law was there one night doing laundry alone in the house, and something happened to her that set her flying out of that house leaving the laundry scattered, lights on, doors open and even left her shoes! She drove down the street where my brother worked and sent him back to shut down the house and get her shoes for her. She vouched to never be in that house alone again. That was 20 something years ago, and i don't know that she ever has since. Recently she has given me specific details about what happened that night, but for those, I will save for the book..(insert giddy laughter here).
I had some friends over and we were hanging out in our usual hang out spot (the staircase), and my mom was at the dining room table helping our exchange student with some sewing. Me and my sister-n-law both witnessed a trinket from the shelving fly off and hit my mom dead in the back. Of course none of my other friends seen it, and i got all the blame, but me and my sister-n-law know what we saw and still talk about it.

I came home from school one day to feed the dogs. It was dead of winter and one of the dogs had a kerosene heater in the old chicken coup to keep her warm. I went in, fed the dog and when i went to leave, the door was locked from the outside! I panicked thinking someone was out there locking me in, so i kept real quiet and laid low. I periodically would gently push on the door to make sure it was still locked. After a long while I was so scared I began to cry. I knew no one was due home for a few hours. There was a window that I could see out of, but I never seen or heard anyone the whole time I was in there. I dont know how long I was locked in, but after a long time i gently tried pushing the door open again, and it opened with ease. I ran in the house and was freaked until someone came home. Note: the lock on that door was a hook & eye lock on the outside. How it was locked and then later unlocked without any sound what so ever is beyond me. And the only prints in the yard that afternoon were my own.


I was napping in our exchange students bedroom one afternoon since no one else was home. I was woke up by a voice saying "Errrriccaaaa". It was male, deep, raspy and sounded demonic. I was freaked, got up, went downstairs and no one was home. I thought maybe I dreamed it because that wouldnt be impossible, but i still was scared enough to leave the house. I didnt really think much more of it, until, later the next day, our exchange student asked me if I was playing joke on her. I assured her I was not (which was odd) and I asked why. She told me that a voice woke her up calling her name. She described it as male, deep, raspy and demonic and imitated to me the exact way the voice called out my name (except in her name)! She thought it was me! I was floored. There is no way she could have known about my experience due to the fact she was not home at the time, and I had not told anyone about it.
Someone was trying to get my attention. and it worked.


Another time I was home alone, at night, watching t.v. I had my blankie, my pillow, and the remote control.
Everything was fine until I went to grab the remote, but it wasn't there. I figured maybe I kicked it under the chair, it wasn't under the chair. I thought maybe it was wrapped in the blanket, so I stood up, shook the blanket, and it was not in the blanket. I searched my whole area on the floor, I got up several times and shook, but the remote was still missing.  I sat back down looked at the tv, and when i looked back down, it was right there placed nicely beside me in plain sight.
i got up. I grabbed my keys. and I left.


One morning me and the exchange student got up and ready for school like any normal day. We went to leave and my car keys were not on the table where I always left my keys. We searched the table. Not only once but several times. Both of us. We searched the whole house over and over. Finally I had to call mom at work and break the news that we couldnt get to school that day because my keys were lost. She was livid of course, but I had no other options. We spent the day at home doing absolutely nothing and after school hours as I was walking through the dining room, there were my keys on the table, in plain sight. As much as I hated school, I did not move those keys. The exchange student was never a trickster and took school quite seriously. She was upset at having to miss and I'm sure she thinks I did it even to this day.


These and many more experiences happened to me while living in the farmhouse, not to mention stories from other witnesses that I will save for the book.
My experiences started before moving here and go back as far as I can remember.
I have seen a demonic figure, little boy ghost, shadow people, an angel (with my mom), and have had a encounter with a UFO. Luckly, most of my experiences were witnessed by another person so I know they were real.
My parents still live in the house and every now and then,my mom will call me up with another interesting story which indicates to me that there could still be something lurking there.
I have not had any experiences there in my most recent years, (my mom has), as I am not there very often, but one thing for sure is, I will never stop searching.