My Tribe

~We must teach our children, it is not how the world percieves you that matters, it is how you percieve yourself that matters to the world.~ Erica Trent.


Nevadah: Meaning "snow covered".
She was born 9-9-99, at 1:08pm. Weighing 8lbs 10oz.
Birthstone: Sapphire.
My little baby Roo.
A lot of people ask if we named her Nevadah because we were married in Nevada, but no, we didn't, I found the name in a namebook, and we both liked it. I added the H at the end after her cousin Rebekkah, I thought it was pretty, and it stuck.
Nevadah is a daddy's girl, looks and acts just like her dad. She is 100% Trent.
Nev is my little Joey, as in a baby Kangaroo who never left her mama's pouch. She stuck to me like glue, and I held her so much that I am sure thats what enabled her from walking till she was 16 months old!  She couldn't learn to walk if she was never set down! Oh, the irony.
Nev is the glue that holds us together. She is always there to help me when I need her, and such a little mommy to Bum. She was there through the whole birth of London and I am forever grateful to her for that.  How's that for 10 hours of Health class! Nothing like hands on experience in my opinion. Yea, it may have scarred her for life, but hey, no one said I was a perfect mom!

Denver: meaning "Green Valley".
Bum: To live by begging and scavenging from place to place.
"Took In" on Monday, Martin Luther king
day, January 21, 2008 at 5:19am weighing 8lbs 11oz.
Birthstone: Garnet
My little baby bird.
I bet your wondering where Bum got his name.  Well, basically when I found out I was having a boy, I knew he'd be a Bum.  Anyone who knows me, knows I was always anti-boy, and couldn't stand the thought of having one myself. Well, the dreadful day of the ultra sound confirmed my worst fears, and sure enough, it was a BOY. At that moment I decided I would raise this baby completely opposite as I did Nev, (I was majorly OCD when she was a baby and it drove me to needing meds for 4yrs).  In addition to that, money was tight since I wasn't working anymore and so I did all my baby shopping at Goodwill and thrift stores. Everything he has ever had is second hand. I wasted thousands on Nev, and she never used or wore half the stuff I bought. I made up my mind I would go opposite route with this baby, besides, he's a boy, who cares right? They don't need matching clothes, or cute shoes, heck, they don't even need a bath, boys are supposed to be dirty! lol.  Bum is my little mama's boy. He's strong and sweet, and usually will eat anything that don't eat him first. I don't know what I'd do without him now, he is my whole world, and I love him so much it hurts.
He will always have an interesting story to tell about himself. He was born with 11 fingers, he had an extra pinky on his right hand. It was removed when he was a week old. Too bad it wasn't functional, or I'd have left it, cause thats just cool. I heard someone say, children born with extra digits are psychic. I wonder if thats true. If you don't believe me about the finger, I can show you, cause I kept it. Yes, I said I kept it.  It is in a ring box in his time capsule. Some people think that is discusting, but I don't. Besides, I never said I was a perfect mother.

London. meaning "Fortress Of The Moon"
Birthstone: Topaz
Born Wednesday Nov 3, 2010. 4:19pm weighing 9lbs 5oz.
My little Piglet.
Nicknames: "Pretty", & "Little".


Eric: Meaning Honerable Ruler.
Birthstone: Ruby.
If this isn't a dedicated big brother, I don't know what is.  Eric was 7 when I married Brian, and 8 when Nev was born. 16 when Bum came along, and 19 for London, you've been there for them all these yrs, thanks big bro! 

Milicent Genevieve:

Milicent Genevieve
  Adopted Oct 5th, 2006
                                                              A story of devine intervention.
One night I had a dream. I dreamed of a dog we used to have when I was growing up named Rebel. In the dream Rebel was laying beside me dying and I was brushing her hair, crying over her, comforting her. Telepathically, she was telling me that there was a dog at the animal shelter for us, and we needed to go get it very soon. At that time, Brian called and woke me up as I was still crying from the dream, it seemed so real. Three days later I decided to let Nev skip school so we could have a nice day together. It must have been subliminal, because just before the exit I would have needed to take to the animal shelter, I asked Nev if she wanted to go to the shelter to pet the dogs, and she excitedly said yes. When we got there, we walked up to a very excited, cute as can be Cocker Spaniel mix (probably poodle), who was trying to get our attention by whining and jumping at the gate. For some reason I knew it was her. I decided not to say anything to Nev, and if she wanted her, I knew she was meant to be ours. We visited the shelter on a regular basis and Nev never asked to take any dogs home before. Our chances we're slim of ever finding a dog for us due to Nev's allergies, and the fact I wanted an older dog, potty trained, good behaved, spayed & playful at the same time. We stood by Millie and asked a worker to get her out. We took her to a play area and she was playful, well trained, spayed, vaccinated, licensed & micro chipped, 3yrs old (about the age I was looking for), and even used the bathroom when we let her out so we knew she was potty trained. Being a Cocker-Poo, she is most likely allergy free. I couldn't think of a reason not to take her home. I put Nev to the test as I told her it was time to leave as we stowed her back away into the cage, and we began to walk away. Nev suddenly became sad and said she wanted to take her home, and that she would miss her.  It was the confirmation that I needed, and we walked straight to the counter and said we want to adopt Millie. Nev's face lit up and she was ecstatic. As we were doing the paperwork, I asked the worker, how long Millie was in the shelter, and her answer was, three days. That is not the end of the story.  A few days after we got her home, I noticed her limp. I called the shelter to obtain any information they had on it. They were aware and told me she had got hung up on the fence outside and hurt it, but that it was previously hurt before that. Once the lady pulled Millie's files she put me on hold and the Vet came on and advised me that Millie was "unadoptable". She realized that Millie was adopted and returned to the shelter three times, and once they are returned three times, they are considered unadoptable, and are then euthanized. She also said she was no older than a year and she don't know why the microchip said 3. She said if I brought her back they would gladly refund my money.  I obviously told her that was not my intention, and I just wanted info on the injured leg, in which they gave me the contact number to the vet's office the last person who adopted Millie took her to. I did contact the vet office and they mailed me the x-rays. Millie obviously had broke her bone while she was still growing, and therefor she would always limp on that leg. That was over 4 years ago, and Millie has not limped since. I think it was just a little tender love and care that she needed. Millie had a lot of things going for her that day. The fact I had the dream the same day she was put in the shelter. The fact that Nev happen to skip school that day. The fact that the last person who adopted her, changed her name to Buttercup, which enabled them to realize her was her third return since she was under a different name, and the fact the vet didnt realize she was there for those 3 days. And the fact that they made a mistake on her age and put 3 instead of 1 because whoever entered the microchip information put the wrong year. I believe in devine intervention, and if this is not a perfect example of it, I don't know what is.